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How dOCs Works The Process Of Creating Evolved Spaces

  • Step One : Exploration & Identification

    • DOCs' design specialists will meet with you to understand the needs and requirements of the project.
    • During the meeting, preliminary decisions on style, colour schemes, materials and budget will be formulated.
  • Step Two : The Visual Stage

    • Proposals are given with a complete visualization of design concept.
    • Visualization includes: spatial quality, detailed colour scheme specification, material specification, electrical appliances and custom-made furniture.
    • Design motifs and styles proposals are also presented.
    • Decisions on style, colour schemes, materials and budget are finalized.
  • Step Three : Transformation Begins

    • Materials are sourced either locally or from abroad.
    • Work on interiors begins.
  • Step Four : The Creation of An Evolved Space

    • Interior design services are completed.
    • Enjoy your new evolved space.